VSchool Trend: The No. 1 Online Learning Program in Malaysia with the Malaysia Book of Records

VSchool Trend: The No. 1 Online Learning Program in Malaysia with the Malaysia Book of Records

If you are looking for a reliable and effective online learning program for your children, you might want to check out VSchool Trend. VSchool Trend is an online based education business company that provides a platform for Malaysian students ranging from Pre-school to Secondary Form 5. VSchool Trend believes that e-learning is a new age learning for all Malaysian students today.

VSchool Trend has been recognized for its excellence and achievements in the online education industry. In fact, VSchool Trend has been listed TWO times in The Malaysia Book of Records!

Highest Number of Student Subscribers!


In December 2021, VSchool Trend was listed for having the highest number of student subscribers in an online education learning programme, with a total of 100,513 subscribers. This shows that VSchool Trend has a strong and loyal customer base that trusts its quality and effectiveness.

VSchool Trend offers a comprehensive and interactive online learning program that covers the Malaysian national curriculum for preschoolers, primary school students in SK and SJKC, and secondary school students in SMK. 

Largest Student Participation!


In February 2022, VSchool Trend nets another Malaysia book of records achievement by having the largest student participation in an online education platform in a day! A whopping 10,524 students logged in to VSchool Trend on the same day and engaged in various online learning activities.

This demonstrates that VSchool Trend is not only popular but also engaging and fun for the students. VSchool Trend aims to make online learning enjoyable and interactive for the students.

VSchool Trend also organizes various events and activities for its subscribers, such as:

  • Business opportunity seminars
  • Study technique seminars
  • Awards and recognition ceremonies
  • Contests and competitions
  • Online festivals and celebrations

Conclusion, the best

VSchool Trend is undoubtedly the No. 1 online learning program in Malaysia. It has proven its excellence and achievements by being listed twice in The Malaysia Book of Records. It has also gained the trust and satisfaction of more than 100,000 subscribers who have benefited from its comprehensive and interactive online learning program.

VSchool Trend is the best choice for your children's online education. Don't miss this opportunity to give your children the best learning experience possible!

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