Nurul Nadia Kzaman: Empowering Students and Educators at VKids Trend

Nurul Nadia Kzaman: Empowering Students and Educators at VKids Trend

In this blog article, we we have a very special interview with one of our education team members, Nurul Nadia Kzaman . 

Hello, Nurul Nadia Kzaman , can you share with us what were you working as before you joined our education team in VKids Trend? 

Before joining VKids Trend, I held a position as a Corporate Executive in a multinational automotive company. My role involved managing various corporate operations and strategies. 

That's very interesting.

How did you find out about VKids Trend online education business? 

I came across VKids Trend while browsing through job platforms for potential opportunities. The concept of online education intrigued me, especially considering my background in corporate management.

Nice, and when you first found about us, what did you like about our team?

What initially caught my attention was the team's positive culture and dedication to empowering education. The collaborative spirit and enthusiasm for making a difference resonated with my values and aspirations. 

Thank you so much for your kind words. 

Why did you decide to start your education business? 

What got you to take the first step? 

I started off because of my children. I want to help my kids to study easily also to monitor their performance myself. The next thing I know, I am now able to help more children to study and also individual with same passion with me to empower education together. 

That's amazing! 

Can I know how is your experience so far and what you would like to achieve?

Since embarking on this journey with VKids Trend, I've experienced significant personal and professional growth. 

My goals include achieving Gold Club status, reaching a monthly earning milestone of 5K as a freelancer, and gaining recognition as a Malaysia Influential Educator. 

Additionally, I aspire to become a respected bumi leader and speaker within the platform, contributing to the success of our team and the broader education community.

Wow, we are very proud of you. 

Can we ask, let's say if there is someone wanting to start their education career in our team, what advise do you have for them? 

Everyone can have a dream and you have to take the first step and action in order to make your dream comes true. 

Be brave, be bold, trust your potential and you will see the extraordinary journey you will be through. 

That's very good advise.

And how about for those who have already started, what words of wisdom do you have for them to achieve their goals and income? 

For those already on this journey, remember that we're part of a supportive team where everyone's success is interconnected. 

Stay focused on your goals, maintain consistency in your efforts, and don't hesitate to seek guidance from experienced leaders. 

Together, we can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Well said, Nurul Nadia Kzaman . 

Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. 

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