Krystle Wong - Malaysia Influential Educator Interview

Krystle Wong - Malaysia Influential Educator Interview

The Malaysia Influential Educators (MIE) is a recognition given to the outstanding educators who have achieved excellence in education services by demonstrating their strong acumen and talent.

Today we have an exclusive interview with MIE awardee Krystle Wong

Could you share with us your family background? (e.g. how you were brought up, value instilled by your parents/families etc)

From my father I learnt:
Trust worthy  

From my mother I learnt:

Could you share with us your education background or academic qualification?

  • Foundation In Business Studies
  • Silva method (Self Empowerment) - Creativity, Creation, inspiration, Knowledge & Focus
  • NCC (Negotiator Certification Course)
  • PCEIA (Pre-Contract Examination For Insurance Agents)
  • CEILLI (Certificate Examination In Investment-Linked Life Insurance
  • RRW (referral revolution)
  • PWA (Personal Wealth Advisor)
  • ALS (Advance living series) - 130 days Leadership development training
    Advance Art of communication
  • UPW (unleashed the power within) - Transformation program Effective Relationship program
  • LEAP (Living Everyday With Abundance & Prosperity)
  • Superchampz (Next generation parenting skills)
  • High EQ Parenting Skills
  • Advance Parenting Skills
  • Digital Marketing & Affilate Marketing
  • Personal Grooming & Personal Branding
  • Network Team management

Awesome, what is the education institution you currently work for, and your position.

Education (Education Consultant & Team Builder)

  • Motivational & Public speaker 
  • Corporate Trainer 
  • HR Trainer 
  • Transformational coach 
  • Team Building Facilitator

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Could you share with us your experience in education industry?

  • Personal breakthrough
  • Personal growth
  • Daily use of communication skills
  • Develop High EQ
  • Enhancement in leadership skills
  • Enhancement in latest educational updates and methods
  • Develop stage presence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • High level of patience & tolerance

Why did you choose to pursue a career in education industry?

Why - because I wished I was given this opportunity
Believe - Through education we have knowledge and awareness
End goal - we get to create the future that we desire through knowledge

Please share with us - your view of education

My vision is that every Malaysian leverage on technology and receive education via online and my mission is to change peoples lives through education.

Who have influenced you the most in your education career?

  • My Father (Ernest Wong) 
  • My Mother (Yap Fong Ying) 
  • My Mentor (Dr. Vivian Ker) 
  • My Mentor (Dr. Eric Ang) 
  • My Mentor (Dr. Denise Lim) 
  • Mr Khor Ting Thiam
  • Mr Sunny Khor
  • Life Coach (Douglas Chee)
  • Life Coach (Anthony Robin)

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So far, what was the greatest challenge in your career? Please share with us how you overcome the challenge.

  • Outdated parenting mindset with primitive method
  • Unwillingness parents to welcome new learnings methods
  • High expectation towards children & low involvement by parents 
  • Low self esteem due to long term dependency 
  • Suppress of natural curiosity & exploration of creativity & independence

To overcome is to continue to educate parents that there is a better way, even if it's one at a time, it is worth the time & effort because it changes a child's life and his/her future. 

What do you think is the critical success factor in this industry?

We need to have a powerful belief, a clear vision and mission, and definitely a strong determination. 

Have you ever thought about giving up as an educator? Why did you choose to persist instead?

Being an educator has always been my life long mission. It’s a passion I develop as I saw how important having education is to form personal growth, self esteem and essential knowledge to help us continue to strive in an ever evolving world.

What drives you forward?

Nurturing individuals of all ages and all walks of life to improve and gain back their confidence and unleashing their untapped potential and capabilities

If someone would like to join you in your education team, how will they do that?

Oh definitely, our doors are always open. They can click here to apply to join our education team.