Interview with Pui Yee - From Marketing Executive to Vschool Education Consultant

Interview with Pui Yee - From Marketing Executive to Vschool Education Consultant

Hi Pui Yee, tell us about how and when you decided to be an education consultant at Vschool Trend.

On September 2018, I was introduced to Vschool Trend by my supportive boyfriend, Benson Chai. I found that Vschool Trend Learning Program to be very interesting and had a huge potential. Thus, I decided to start my first own business as a part-timer in Vkids Trend.

Pui Yee & Benson Achieving their Platinum Club (5-Figure Income Earner)

That's so sweet, what were you doing before your successful education business?

On top of being a Vschool Trend Education Consultant, I am working full time as a Marketing Executive. My daily tasks are some back end roles like planning for upcoming marketing and promotional activities. I also do graphic design and promotional artworks.

School Event at SJKC Pasir Pinji 2

How much time are you spending running your business as a Vschool Education Consultant?

As a part-timer I’m spending about 6-8 hours per week and yet I’m able to earn a full-time income as an Education Consultant in addition to my 40-hours working schedule as a Marketing Executive

What were the main struggles you faced in the beginning?

In the beginning, I wasn’t well versed in running a business and I don't have a background in the education industry. This is my very first own business after so many years of being a usual employee working 9 to 5 every day. To me, this is a breakthrough that I treasure.

Business Mentors Sean Looi & Krystle Wong

That's quite a challenge, how did you overcome them?

It is great to work together as a team in Vschool and I don't feel that I am doing this alone. I always have the support from my business leaders, Krystle Wong and Sean Looi and of course from my life and business partner, my boyfriend Benson Chai. 

Vschool’s platform, training and materials are all ready for my success. All I need to do is just set my target, take action and follow the steps to achieve it.

Big Bad Wolf Seremban (July 2019)

What did you find most useful about the platform we provide for you?

The training, coaching and activities provided by the company are very sufficient and beneficial in supporting my business. I learnt a lot on leadership, communicating and connecting with people and always can learn from many successful leaders.

Working As A Team

We know in business that there will be challenges, ups and downs. What keeps you motivated as a business owner?

I love working with young children and enjoy having an opportunity to see them grow and progress on a learning journey.

I can have the opportunity to offer direction, love, empathy, care, compassion, discipline, consistency and trust to the kids and my business partners. A good strong education builds knowledge and knowledge is power.

Achieving Top 1 Gold Club in January 2019

If you were to start all over again, what would you do different?

If I could do it all over again, I would reach out to more people so that more children and parents can benefit from this such amazing Vschool Trend e-learning program. 

Of course, I will bring this back to the children and parents in my hometown, Perak so that Vschool can lighten their burden in their learning process.

Pui Yee, Benson and their Team of Education Consultants

For those who will be starting their journey with us, what would you recommend to new joiners in their business?

If you are new to your business here at Vschool, I would recommend that you keep learning as your knowledge is very important in this business. Always work together as a team so that you can expedite your success. 

Vschool Trend is a very helpful and amazing learning program, don't stop to "Make a Difference" to the children so that they can benefit from it!

Thank you Pui Yee for your time, we wish you all the best in your business at Vschool Trend with us.

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