Engineer To Online Education, WHY Did Sean Looi Start His Online Business At Vkids Trend

Engineer To Online Education, WHY Did Sean Looi Start His Online Business At Vkids Trend

Hey Sean here and in this article/video I want to let you know why I’m in online education right now. Before that, I want to let you in on the journey on my career when I first started working.

At 20 years old, I was an Engineer and I realized that working full time from morning until midnight (yes it happens), I was only paid a fixed salary. That’s about RM2,500 no matter how much time and effort I put in, it was not worth it for me.

Few years later the iPhone 4 was just released and I got one for myself, that was when I decided to venture into Ecommerce where I learnt how to develop websites, ecommerce stores, digital marketing, graphic design, stock taking, accounting, etc. (One man show).

It was great at first because I was one of the first few people to sell phone cases online, but over time there were more and more businesses selling phone accessories until the market share was very low. A RM20,000+ business dropped to RM200 per month business overtime.

I ventured into property as well where I had to spend thousands to learn and also thousands more to advertise properties on websites. In the course of 6-months I earned about RM600. That’s where we ventured into life insurance as well for the next 3-years.

As an insurance agent, the biggest challenge was to find someone who believes in insurance who doesn’t have an agent just yet. Almost every prospect we met already had an agent for 10, 15 or even 30 years. There was no place for newbies like us.

After 3 years in insurance, I went into Grabcar where I was earning quite well… Or well at that time. RM1600 per week working smart at peak hours. It was good enough to survive. But as more grabcar drivers entered the market, RM1600 per week dropped to RM800 per week. But i had no choice, I had a family to feed.

This is where we had a phone call and we were asked: “Do you believe in education?”
Of course we said YES and what happened next was an amazing journey where we helped children study better, we helped parents to save money in education fees and at the same time we were able to support our family financially.

Today we are working with a strong team of online education digital marketers who are reaching out to children all across Malaysia to give them a platform to learn better and study efficiently.

Our journey is only beginning and if this is something that you want to do, you’d like to startup your online education business as well and work together with us, get our support, training and guides, you can apply here @ 

We’ll be very happy to work together with you.