Breaking Barriers: How Andryana Earned RM7,000 at 18 with VKids Trend

Breaking Barriers: How Andryana Earned RM7,000 at 18 with VKids Trend

Congratulations were in order as we celebrated an extraordinary achievement within our team. Andryana, at just 18 years old, reached remarkable heights in her journey with VKids Trend. In September 2023, she not only earned an impressive RM7,000 but also achieved the prestigious title of Top One Gold Club Achiever and Elite Recruiter. We sat down with her to uncover the story behind her success, the challenges she faced, and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

Starting with Success

"Feeling super happy," Andryana exclaimed when asked about her achievement. Earning more than RM7,000 a month is a significant milestone, especially for a young individual like herself. But her success didn't stop there. She also secured the top positions of Top One Gold Club Achiever and Elite Recruiter. Her journey is a testament to what's possible with determination and the right opportunity.

A Journey of Discovery

Andryana's journey began when she was still in school. She found traditional education boring and felt disconnected from the learning process. That's when her parents introduced her to VSchool Trend, hoping to improve her grades. Not only did her academic performance improve, but she also witnessed her parents' remarkable success in VKids Trend, where they earned a six-figure income.

"I realized that I didn't want a conventional job," Andryana explained. She was inspired by her parents' achievements and decided to follow in their footsteps. She resolved to start her VKids Trend business once she graduated.

Overcoming Obstacles

Starting her VKids Trend business at 18 presented its own set of challenges. Andryana faced obstacles like a lack of capital and introversion. Her parents supported her by covering her VKids startup costs, a testament to their belief in her commitment. Her shyness and fear of socializing in large groups were hurdles, but she knew she had to overcome them.

Andryana's method of overcoming her fears was simple but powerful—she took action. She discovered that action not only brought results but also boosted her confidence. Attending training sessions, even if she struggled with the Chinese language, was a crucial part of her growth.

Words of Wisdom

For those contemplating a journey like Andryana's, her message is clear: Age, background, and experience don't matter. She believes that anyone can realize their potential when they take the first step, even when self-belief is lacking. She emphasizes the importance of learning through action and gaining experience.

"Learning is essential, but you gain confidence by doing," Andryana shared. "Surround yourself with like-minded individuals because who you spend your time with shapes you."


Andryana's story is a shining example of how VKids Trend empowers individuals to transform their lives, regardless of their starting point. Her journey from an introverted student to a confident and successful VKids Trend business owner is inspiring. Her message to the community is simple: Begin your journey, even if you don't feel great initially. Success comes to those who take that first step.

We are incredibly proud of Andryana's achievements and look forward to her continued growth and success. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all of us.

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