Who is Malaysia's Most Influential Team in Online Education

Who is Malaysia's Most Influential Team in Online Education

The most influential team in Malaysia when it comes to online education (or elearning) is none other than the team led by Krystle and Sean. 

About the team

Krystle and Sean's team of online education entrepreneurs consist of people from varying age groups ranging from fresh graduates (age 18-20+). working employees (20-55) and even retirees (55-60+). They come from different parts of Malaysia and other countries and have different experiences and backgrounds ranging from educators, teachers, accountants, admins, doctors, lawyers. beauticians and more. 

Women empowerment

Although Krystle and Sean's team in VKids Trend consists of both genders, the majority of the team consists of women ie. working mums, single mums, single women and divorcees. Through VKids Trend's online education business platform and through Krystle and Sean's guidance and proven systems, women from all over Malaysia are able to start their online education side business quickly and easily, while spending time with their children and family at home. 


About Krystle and Sean

Krystle and Sean are the top leaders in VKids Trend and leading a team of education believers from all over Malaysia. The origin of their strength comes from their humble beginnings. 

Sean Looi is started his career as a civil engineer in Kuala Lumpur, however his salary was not enough to cover the expenses, thus he had to resort to different businesses such as property, insurance, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, grabcar driving and finally finding his place in elearning with VKids Trend. 

Krystle Wong was a single mother with two children, having only worked one job in Labuan where they only paid her RM500/month, she decided that she would never work a full time job ever again. Thus she explored different businesses such as network marketing in the health industry. Since she met Sean, she has been an integral part of his journey while he explored being a property real estate negotiator and life insurance agent. 

Leading the Top 1 Team

Together as husband and wife, Krystle and Sean lead Malaysia's most influential team of online education entrepreneurs in VKids Trend and has created a copy & paste system where their team can learn anytime and anywhere, and take their online business to new heights through autopilot systems. 


You cannot change the past, but you can create the future

Krystle and Sean proves that it doesn't matter where you come from, but if you want to change your future, you can do it by making decisions and taking new actions that will take you down a new path. And this is why so many of their team members are successful being led by them. 

If you'd like to learn more about Malaysia's most influential team in VKids Trend, you may click here to find out more and apply to be a part of the team

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